About Us

About Us 

Hey guys, my name is Probin Kumar Sah from Vaishali, Bihar. I am doing my B.Tech degree in electronics and communication engineering. During this journey of my engineering as an electronics engineer, I face some problems during the preparation of the university exam because many time our teachers were not able to complete the syllabus at time and we do not enough material for the preparation in that very short period of time. And I think that there are many such students of different universities who are facing the same problem.

This website helps you to get quick access to the entire notes related to the subject of electronic engineering like notes for electronic devices, analog circuits, digital circuits and many more......
This website also keeps you update about some news which is useful for engineers.

I hope you all support and help me to make this website big so that it can reach to more and more engineers.....

NOTE: If anyone of you wants to contribute your valuable notes to this website can mail me on my email id- But remember that notes must be your own, it must not copy from other books or sources.