What Yuvraj Singh do after retirement.

Yuvraj Singh's retirement declaration was a hard pill to swallow for some Indian cricketers and fans alike. While Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit continued humming with tribute photographs and recordings of the much-praised cricketer, a segment of web based life trusted the southpaw didn't get a fitting goodbye from the game that he played for a long time.

India's current vice-captain Rohit Sharma was among the firsts to put his thoughts out for 37-year-old cricketer, who in a cryptic tweet on Monday night, wrote that Yuvraj "deserved a better send off."

Yuvraj Singh looking to 'play some fun cricket' after retirement.

  • Yuvi has sought approval from the BCCI to allow him to play in domestic T20 events around the world.
  • Yuvraj, who played the remainder of his 304 one-day internationals two years back, was a key gear-tooth in India's World Twenty20 triumph in 2007 and was player-of-the-competition at the World Cup four years after the fact.
  • In his prime, Yuvraj was one of the cleanest strikers of the ball in the game - as England's Stuart Broad found when he was pummeled for six sixes in one over during the 2007 World Twenty20. 

  • That was one of the features of his profession, Yuvraj stated, alongside scoring his first Test century against Pakistan at Lahore in 2004 and the 2011 World Cup triumph.