How To Hack Windows 10 To Make Cortana Use a Browser Other than Bing.

As Windows 10 Cortana is a truly personal digital assistant which is designed to help you get things done. Cortana is designed to provide answers and complete basic tasks like Set a reminder with a specific time and day, Set a reminder with a location, such as a supermarket, Add a photo to our reminders and many more other features are there. And not only that, Cortana is so advance that it learns over time to become more useful every day.
But normally, Cortana only lets you use Edge and Bing to make web searches which most of us don't like to use. But you can change this by installing the Search Bar Connector. The Search Bar Connector allows you to use the Cortana search bar in windows 10 in connection with your preferred default browser. All do it will cost you some amount but its features are satisfying its cost.

 Here are the following steps to do so:-

1. Install the app and open setting and the system.
2. Under the system, choose the 'default app' and scroll down to select 'Choose default application by protocol'. 
3. Now, scroll down until you see MICROSOFT-EDGE URL: microsoft-edge in the left-hand list and click Microsoft Edge on the right. 
4. A pop-up appears which ask you to 'Choose an application'. Simply select App Connector and done.
5. Now, when you make a web search using Cortana, it will open with your default browser. To pick which search engine it uses, open Search Bar Connector from the Start menu and choose one from the list.

That's it.
Now your Cortana is ready to use with the browser which you want to use other than Bing and Edge. 
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