How To Monitor Your PC's Processor and Memory Using a Browser Add-On ?

Many time you all do a lot of different work on your PC at the same time and this put your PC under enough amount of strain. Especially your browser put more strain on your PC as compared to other activity and particularly if you are working with more number of tab open at the same time. 

There is an option named "Task Manager" in Windows which tell us about how hard your PC is working for you. 

*How To Open Task Manager on Your PC?

👉  Press: Shift + Ctrl + Esc

But I feel that it provides an overload of information which is quite difficult to monitor and if your thinking for Windows Task Manager is same that it provide overloaded information then there is nothing to worry about it. Your brother 😎 has found a solution for it. 

There is some handy browser extension that offers a more concise view and you can easily monitor your PC's Processor just by using this small extension.

Here are the following steps to do so:-

1. Click on the link shown here - System Monitor.

2. Press the Add To Chrome button and you are done.

 This small tool System Monitor is easy and simple to understand as compare to Task Manager. It displays a graph in Chrome's toolbar to represent CPU usage, so you can easily see if there's a spike in processor activity. You can take your cursor over the icon to track the processor usage in percentage. 

Monitor PC's Memory.

As I had explained how you can monitor your PC's processor but if you are more concerned about how much memory your PC is using than you can install one more extension named Memory Monitor for Chrome. 

Here are the following steps to do so:-

1. Click on the Link shown here:- Memory Monitor.

2. Press the Add To Chrome button and you are done.

Your PC's free memory is displayed as a number in your toolbar and you can see a more detailed summary about the memory capacity by your cursor over the icon.

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