WhatsApp Partner With NASSCOM to Educate People on Fake News.

WhatsApp has announced on Monday that they tied up with NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) Foundation to introduce digital literacy training to fight against fake news and how to tackle the challenge of misinformation. The main aim of this partnership of Whatsapp and NASSCOM to prepare nearly 1,00,000 Indian to spot false information and provide tips and tricks to stay safe on Whatsapp.
The company announced that the educational modules encourage very individuals to be careful about forwarding rumors. They will include real-world tools that can be utilized to verify forward message and moves that user can take like reporting problematic content to fact checkers and law implementation. The educational programs will be dispersed in different regional languages.  
The principal preparing will be on 27th March in Delhi pursued by intercessions like facilitating preparing workshops for representatives from rural and urban areas alongside roadshows crosswise over schools. NASSCOM Foundation said it will actuate its volunteer base to dispatch the ‘Each One Tech Three’ battle that commands each volunteer to impart their learnings to three additional people promoting a system impact. These volunteers will post their takeaways from the workshops on their internet-based life handles to build the span of these wellbeing messages.
Abhijit Bose, the head of Whatsapp India said in a statement that they are excited to expand their partnerships with civil society to advance crucial digital literacy skills that can help combat misinformation share on WhatsApp.
"The utilization of innovation stages like WhatsApp are characteristically intended to encourage social great, agreement, and joint effort, however, are unfortunately being utilized by few heels to allure outrage and scorn by spreading false and doctored data," Ashok Pamidi, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation, said.
Aspiring volunteers can register at www.mykartavya.nasscomfoundation.org