PUBG Mobile Ban: 'Health Reminder' Spotted In-Game, Limits Play Time for Indian Users.

In the month of January this year, the Gujarat government provided an order to ban PUBG Mobile game in many districts of Gujarat, referring to addiction among players. The PUBG Mobile ban resulted in arresting 10 people in Rajkot for playing PUBG game. The game creators have been seeing approaches to dodge the ban and the arrests, and its first endeavor is by sending ‘health reminders’ to PUBG players. This new component actuates when a player is utilizing the application for a really long time. The Health Reminder includes stops the game and requests that player to return after a stipulated time.

In recent days, PUBG Mobile players from India have been posting screen captures of this new Health Reminder highlight on Twitter. Whenever actuated, this component limits play time of the player and requests that they return after an interim. At first, the diversion demands clients to enact 'Wellbeing Reminders' on the off chance that they are underneath 18 years old. When actuated, this component stops the diversion if the client plays it for over six hours. A few clients are notwithstanding observing the update in a two-hour interval also. It at that point requests that the users return to the diversion later. There is no inversion or sidestep alternative revealed up until now.

These Health Reminders have been pulling in blended responses, with numerous PUBG Mobile players troubled at their amusement all of a sudden being ceased. A few users guarantee that the update appears regardless of whether they are over 18 years old.

Concerning ban, PUBG Mobile producers had before issued an announcement saying that it would work with the government to guarantee that it is delighted in a solid and dependable way. "In consonance with our undertaking to keep advancing mindful gaming knowledge, we are taking a shot at the presentation of a sound ongoing interaction framework in India to advance adjusted, dependable gaming, including restricting play time for under-matured players," Tencent Games said in an announcement.