How To Play PUBG Mobile in HD and HDR Quality With Any Phone.

Today, PUBG is the most loving and most playing game not only in India but in the entire world. This is the game which has the largest fan base and it is almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t know about it or never heard about it.

PUBG is the game which is famous not only in a particular age group, it is loved by everyone from a young age child to old age man. It is going to be waste of time for me and you if I am going to explain why PUBG is so popular because I guess we all the answer to it. Many people say that PUBG is an addictive game and it spoils a lot of time and it must ban. Will we are not going to discuss whether PUGB should bang or not because the feeling and the happiness of playing PUBG can only be understood PUBG player like us.

Play PUBG MOBILE in HD and HDR Quality.

One of the reasons for which PUBG is famous is for its graphics. But the problem which many PUBG mobile players face that their phone does not support Medium or High graphics and it will show you a message that Graphics have been set to low based on your device. And you all not able to enjoy the High graphics mode of PUBG.

If you also want to enjoy High graphics PUBG then read this post till the end. 
You just have to download one app from play store name GFX Tool and follow the setting shown below.

Steps required to set GFX Tool-
1. Download the GFX Tool from Google Play store and open it.
2. Do the following setting shown below-

  •      Select version: 0.10.5(GP)
  •      Resolution: 1920x1080.
  •      Graphics: HD or HDR.
  •      FPS: 60fps.

3. Click of ACCEPT button.
4. Click on RUN GAME.

pubg setting

You can easily compare the difference between the above two picture with GFX Tool and without GFX Tool. And one last that I will suggest that try to set graphics to HD because the HDR might have some lag or you can choose this setting on the bases of your phone.