What is sitemap? | How to submit sitemap in Google webmaster tool?

efore I start telling you the process that how you can generate the sitemap for your website and submit it on Google webmaster tool so that Google index your website in their search engine.
I want to discuss a misconception that many people have about XML sitemap is that sitemap helps you in indexing your pages on several search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

All big search engine like Google is not going to index your pages just because, you had summited the sitemap on webmaster tool. Google only index your pages because they find your content good enough quality and relevant for their users and they find your pages by their crawler. 

I want to give you a short explanation about what sitemap is, what is the purpose of submitting the sitemap in Google webmaster tool and a complete process of submitting the sitemap in webmaster tool so that you can also submit the sitemap of your own website.

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What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that contains the list of web pages and complete information about all web pages of your website. 

Basically, a sitemap is of two types (a) HTML sitemap and (b) XML sitemap and these two have their own importance. HTML sitemap is built for the website user so that the user can easily access all web pages where the XML sitemap is built for the web crawler to easily crawl all web pages and it is important to keep your sitemap in XML format because crawler(web spider) is not able to read the sitemap in any other format like HTML or txt.

You can create your own XML sitemap manually or a lot of online tools are available which help you to create a sitemap for your website and it must be present in the root directory of your website.

You can check the sitemap of your website:- www.domain_name.com/sitemap.xml

Why sitemap is Important?

A sitemap is like a recommendation for all the URLs of all the web pages that your website contains the search engines, so that the crawler can easily crawl all web pages and index it if they find your content relevant and useful but submitting XML sitemap does not provide you guarantee of your page indexation on search engines.

So, again the same question arises that what is the importance of  XML sitemap in our website.
The single and the most important reason is that it helps the search engine crawler to understand the content of your website much better. 

How to Generate an XML sitemap for a website?

It is very much simple to generate an XML sitemap because of several online tools available which help you to generate an XML sitemap automatically.

You can use these two website mentions below to generate your own XML sitemap for your website.

I will suggest you the above site(www.xml-sitemaps.com) for generating your sitemap because it is easy to use and user-friendly.

Step 1- Open the site and put your website Url inside the box mention below.

sitemap generator
Sitemap Generator

Step 2- After the completion of the above process, you will get Downloadable XML sitemap file or you can click on VIEW FULL XML SITEMAP and copy the entire code and paste it in your website root directory.

Sitemap genrator
Sitemap Generator

Just by following the above two steps simple process, you can easily generate the sitemap for your website.

How to submit the sitemap of your website in Google Search Console(Google webmaster tool)?

We submit the XML sitemap of our website in Google Search Console to help Google so that Google quickly scan our web pages and content. XML sitemap help crawler also is known as a 'spider' to crawl easily on our web pages and index them in the search engine if the content is relevant.

You can submit the XML sitemap of your website in Google search console just in few steps:

Step 1- First of all you have to Sign In to Google Search Console.   

Step 2- Enter the url of the box as shown below inside the box.

google search console
Google Search Console.
Step 3- After the completion of the 2nd step, you will get a page as shown below where you have to select an option name sitemap.

Step 4- This one is the last and most important step. In this step, you have to type sitemap.xml inside the box as same as shown below and submit.

Sitemap Submit.
And you can easily submit the sitemap of your website in Google webmaster tool (Google Search Console) just by following this 4 easy steps.

I hope this small explanation about Sitemap and its importance may helpful to you.