How Google index and rank your website on Google search?

How your website index and rank on Google Search?

Many people think that we have to submit our website in Google webmaster tool to index our site on Google search.
Google Search

Google is a very advanced search engine. You don't even have to submit your site on Google webmaster tool to get your website on Google.

In fact, Google uses an advanced software named " web crawlers" that explore the entire web on a regular basis and index every site on Google automatically. Even the search result that you see is not manually submitted, they all are rank by this web crawlers.

How to check your site on Google?

If you want to check that whether your website is added to Google's index or not. You can do the following two set process to check it.

Step 1:- Open Google search on your browser.

Step 2:- Simply search your website by URL.
For example- and if you see the similar result as given below, it mean your site is added on Google's index.
Website indexing on google.

If you don't find your site on Google then no need to feel sad. There are the certain reasons because of which your site is not index on Google.

The Following reason for not indexing a site on google-
* Your site might very new for Google and web crawler may not get enough time to crawl into your site.

* Your website design might be creating difficulty for google to crawl your content.

* Google find some errors in your website while crawling.

How to get your site on Google?

There are certain guidelines which are given by Google that how you make your website crawler-friendly but there is no guaranty that your website definitely get index on Google after following the given guidelines. It is only helpful for Google to index your site.

You can use Google search console which provides you with several tools to submit your content on Google and help you monitor your site on Google search. Google console also help you with some critical issue that Google faces with your site and send you alerts.