FameBit | An app by Google for Youtubers and Influencers.

Key Points

*Fembitt has been on iOS and web for some time.

*Ultimately Google has launched an app for Android users.

*It allows creators to send proposals to brands for sponsored content.

FameBit app for Android

Google has launched an Android app named FameBit by YouTube. It is a marketing App for Youtube content creators and influencers to connect them with brands for sponsored content, and make some extra money. FameBit was only available on web and iPhone but now Google has introduced it for Android too.


Google Play and will be useful for all content makers and brands to run. At the time of writing, the FemBit App was not available for download in India, and we have reached Google to ask for more information. 

There is a small account in the FemBit Android app, which now resides on Google Play, "driven by data, we have made the best in class tools to connect the brand with the right creators, which will bring branded content to the right audience Enables and inspires action. "In simplest terms, FEMBIT allows you to send proposals to the marketers to YouTube and Influencer, and touch the base with the relevant brands, which are best associated with their audience. Allows the app to send and receive messages between brand correspondents and content creators to finalize the associate details and more.

 There are filters on Fembet that allow you to see relevant brands and manufacturers based on reach, categories, social channels, prices and country.