5 Things you know before starting a Blog.

Starting a blog is not so difficult nowadays. Anyone can start their own blog in just a few steps but making your blog capable of generating a decent source of income is not that much easy as it is before. There are certain things that you should keep in mind before starting a blog if you want to do blogging for a long time as a carrier in it.

Decided your nich.

Deciding a niche for your blog is one of the most important and at the same time most difficult also. If you want to stay long on this blogging pitch than choose a niche you are passionate about and start getting a deep knowledge on it.

When you start blogging on particular niche than the audience you get are special and they have interest in that niche. If your content is useful for them than they regularly start visiting your post. Now it's your responsibility to identify their need fulfill it by your content.

5 Things you before starting a Blog

Quality and Quantity of content.

Content plays the second most important roll in the growth of your blog.
It is very important to have much enough content on your blog but at the same time it also important that your content information must add some value to viewers and they become your regular audience otherwise no one read your post if it doesn't have some value no matter how many posts are there on your blogger site.

Basic of Digital Marketing

Nowadays digital marketing is very useful to bring viewers or so-called traffic on your blog with the help of social media marketing( In social media marketing we promote our website on a different social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) It is not possible taught the entire digital marketing in just one topic. There is a lot of things to learn in digital marketing like SEO settings, email marketing, content marketing, and many more such topic but you do not have to worry if you don't know about all this topic. You don't have to master in all this, just collect basic information which you can learn in just one or two days.
You can do blogging without all this knowledge but then your blog may take a long time to grow.

Basic of SEO Setting

Search Engine Optimization helps you to rank your website on different search engine. SEO is not so easy to understand and it is one of the most important concepts of digital marketing.

SEO has two part ON- page SEO and OFF-page SEO.
There are some on-page SEO setting like meta description, title tag, which you can do to rank your post.

You can also use Google Search console which is a free tool of Google which contains a section called as Search Analytics report which help you to analyze the clicks from Google search and which keyword people are using to reach your blog post. It will help you in writing a new post around that keyword.

Social Network

Try to always get connected with all the social platform because people spend most of their time on all such platform.

I will suggest you to create a Facebook page with the name of your blog, a Twitter account or you can also start a YouTube channel and share video content on the same topic which your blog cover and promote your website there because nowadays more and more people are moving towards video content but it doesn't mean that blogging future is not good. Blogging is never going to end until and unless the internet is there.