5 Reason to start blogging today

During the starting days of my blogging, my family member and my friends ask me the same question that why I do blogging, what is my motivation for blogging and the answer which I had given to them is the same answer which I am going to give you now.

  I think that everybody should do blogging and specially the college-going student must have a blogger account either in the WordPress or in the blogger.com. The reason is that we all are different from one another with a different field of interest, some like sports, fashion, fitness, technology, crafting, etc. But we all have at least one field in which we know more compared to the other people around us.

 Blogging provides you with a platform to share your knowledge and your experience with the world

I think it is our responsibility to share what you had learned so that others can also learn from you and get the benefit of it and somehow you are giving some contribution to bring a small change to other life.


Reason to start blogging.

 Stand out from other

How you can stand out by doing blogging? A data says that only 1percent of internet user create their own content and 99 percent people only read those content. 

We all search Google for our queries and problems and we also get the answer of every single question but have you ever think that how Google is able to answer or isn't that Google is answering your question, no not really. Google just provide you the content written by others or we can say blogger on the bases of your search.

So, now it's time to create your own content and express yourself, your thought, your interest and share your knowledge with the world. Imagine the pleasure when Google shows your blog to other when they search anything related to your content and when others find their answer in your blog than they treat you as an expert in that field of interest and this how you "Stand out from other".

You will become a better thinker and a better writer.

Writing a blog is a way of storing your thought in a post. When you start writing your first blog post it might take a lot of time to you to write and this thought may come to your mind that blogging is for those who have a skill of creative writing but believe me when you start writing blog post continuously, day by day your post and content quality increase and a day come when writing a huge long post will not a big deal for you. 

Source of Passive income

If you are thinking about what is your interest or benefit by spending numbers of hours for creating a blogger account and writing several posts on it than not to worry because you are not wasting your time. The time had gone when people do blogging just as a hobby, nowadays blogging is a source of generating passive income.
Before move further let me explain what is passive income?

Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.
The above definition may quite bore......passive income is the source in which you do not need to work daily to generate income unlike our job even if you are on a long vacation your source of income is not going to effect. We will discuss this topic in some other blog.

There are numbers of ways by which you can monetize your blog and generate a good enough income to a huge income by time and content quality. I am listing some of them below-
1) Google AdSense

2)Affiliate Marketing

3)Promote product

4)Sell Online Course

These are the ways by which you can generate income from your blogger account.

 Be your own Boss

Blogging provides the opportunity to get free from 9 to 5 job where you have to work under there terms and conditions.

We all learn different skill and on the bases of our skill we apply for a job in which we have to convince them about our skill and the talent that you have and even though you get selected and got a job but what next, you never going to get a chance to express your thoughts and ideas. In such jobs, you may never get a chance to use your skill to solve any problem rather than listening to your boss order.

But through blogging, you can help other to solve such problems related to the skill that you have by writing a blog post on that topic.
You can also teach the skill that you have by creating a series of a blog as a tutorial. You can suggest some tips for example- fitness tips, Beauty tips in your blogs or you can share your own experience in a particular field. Blogging is the best path to live a boss-free life and work with your own terms & condition. 

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Build your own audience.

When you start your blogging journey and do some post, several people come to your page and read your post and if they find anything which is useful for them than they will come back again whenever they want to know something related to your blog niche and slowly and slowly they start loving your posts and whenever you post something this specific audience definitely come to read it because your post add some value to there life.
But remember growing your own audience may take a long time. You have to keep patients and have to post regularly.

You can also use digital marketing to advertise your blog on different social media platforms by spending a small amount of money.

I hope this 5 reason may helpful to you and motivate you to start your carrier in Blogging.